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About Us

About Us

UTOC 128 –year history

Established in 1890 UTOC Group has a long track record in the handling and transportation of equipment of all kinds by land, sea and air, including storage and warehousing at port or harbor facilities and equipment transportation and installation for construction of industrial plants. The UTOC Group Head Office is also well positioned and fully equipped to support and back up the activities of its overseas subsidiaries and respond rapidly to the need of a wide variety of overseas projects.

History of EFR Group of Companies

EFR is a group of companies wholly owned by Myanmar people. We have been offering our products and services to benefit all our stake holders for over 16 years. EFR was born in 1998 as Ever Flow River Forwarding & General Services Co.,Ltd . EFR comprises of 26 semi-autonomous companies operating successfully under the management of EFR Holding Co.,Ltd as five division in diverse industries employing about 1,000 staff.

History of Multipack Engineering Services Limited

Multipack Engineering Services Limited is established Nov 2011, started out as an engineering services provider. One of the subsidiaries of EFR Group of Companies. Available services are GOH installation ,project logistic/ logistic.

Introduction of EFR Group of Companies

UTOC Multipack Myanmar Co., Ltd.


To be the leader in logistics engineering sector in Myanmar.


To work for our customers to be satisfied, that shareholders do benefit, that the government sector also reaps benefits and that our employees are also satisfied and happy to work under us.

Our values

Values of UTOC Multipack Myanmar Service’s are :

In 1909,UTOC has started “heavy transportation business” by gathering skilled worker. UTOC had been known Specialized heavy transportation company in Japan.

In the 1954, UTOC unloaded a generator ( approx..127 ton) by Floating Crane and it continue by rolling onto the foundation of installation area at Yokohama, Japan.

In 1967, UTOC transported a reactor pressure vessel ( approx.440 ton) to the site of Nuclear Power Plant by rolling work at Fukushima, Japan.

UTOC Multipack Myanmar Organization

UTOC Group

UTOC Corporation

Business We leverage our diverse port, logistics, and plant services, plus the MOL Group's network, to handle our customers' transport needs down to the utmost detail.


Address 352 Jalan Boon Lay 619531 SINGAPORE
Contact TEL:+65-6861-0566 FAX:+65-6861-7734
Capital S.$ 2,000,000
Business Various plant facility construction, material planning and production, equipment installation and construction, and facility renewal and maintenance construction


Address 71-71/1 Radniyon Road, Tambon Tapma, Amphur Muang, Rayong Province. 21000 THAILAND
Contact TEL:+66-3891-8900 FAX:+66-3891-8949
Capital T.Baht 12,000,000
Business Various plant facility construction, material production, equipment installation and construction, factory facility equipment transport, multimodal transport operation, and import export forwarding business

E.F.R Group of Companies (Public)

Address No.62, Room 1104, 11 Floor, Mahabandola Complex (B), Tarwataintar Street , Puzundaung Township, Yangon.
Phone +95(1)203715 +95(1)200101 Fax: +95(1)381661